Tiffany Wong is a painter based in Chicago. She is inspired by nature, story, and her connection with people. Follow her creative development and newest works on Instagram: @tiffanywongart.



"The process of creating art brings me rest, activates creativity, and awakens mindfulness.  I started painting out of the pure enjoyment, and I hope to continue as I grow in experience and skill.  

My artwork is inspired by simplicity, nature, and whimsy.  When I approach my blank canvas, I rarely premeditate the concept.  I think of something that inspired me recently, whether it was a conversation or a nature walk, and start acting on the inspiration with a sense of light heartedness and flexibility. My best pieces are when I am in tune with my intuition and when I quiet the voices of self-doubt.  

Watercolor, being my main medium, allows for transparency and organic fluidity.  I love how it looks completely different from when my paintbrush lifts from the paper to when the piece dries.  There is movement between the paint, water, brush and paper that allows me to be very detailed or free flowing. My hope is that I can continue to create through watercolor as a way of life while being able to support my everyday needs."